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*Ryugaku = Japanese for international study

What makes us unique

academic support tailored for New Zealand education
experienced support on international study
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What is NZ Academic Study?

Are you looking for NZ study which brings you one step ahead of others?

‘NZ Academic Study’ is a new concept of New Zealand high school study at one of the prestigious schools with many graduates progressing to the world’s leading universities. Students can receive education of the highest standard at a much more reasonable price than studying in U.S. or U.K.

Offered with the VELA’s professional learning support, it is the newest style of New Zealand study suitable for those who are planning on advancing towards the best universities around the world after graduation (At least three years of study required).

VELA academic study support

Academic Consulting

- Professional advice on prestigious high schools that pave the way for top university -

A professional consultant who has long engaged in both Japan and New Zealand education provides you with essential advice on how to join and succeed at New Zealand's prestigious high schools with a great number of graduates to leading universities in Japan and overseas.

Follow-Up Sessions

- Coaching for student's learning and daily life concerns at New Zealand school -

A study overseas brings a student a variety of minor troubles not only academically, but also in daily life, which can limit their learning opportunities. Follow-Up Sessions are coaching support by talking and solving with education professionals.

Video Preparation Courses

- Video preparation for kickstart at New Zealand school -

Our video preparation courses allow a student to smoothly integrate into New Zealand school learning at the start of their study. The video classes are entirely based on the textbooks used in New Zealand, so the courses are also ideal for reviews after finishing the study.

On-demand Tutoring

- Got a question during the study?
Solve on the spot with quick tutoring -

On-demand tutoring is an online tutoring service for urgent assignment help or exam preparations. We are also happy to introduce reliable local tutoring services if a student needs regular tutoring.


Our Goal


Our goal is to create the future where our children thrive by making the most of their passions and potentials.

Infinite possibilities lie in each child. If everyone can bring out all of that potentials, we believe it creates the most beautiful world. 

We continue to strive towards the goal by finding the vision sleeping in each child and supporting children follow the vision.


Helping our children sail the globe and

shape the world of tomorrow


Provide educational opportunities that make the most of 

student’s passions and potentials


1. The pursuit of next-generation education

  2. Flexibility to adapt global and diverse values

  3. Focus on individual passion and potential


Aomi Segawa


With more than five years of experience teaching local and international students in New Zealand professionally, Aomi launched the VELA Vision Education Laboratory.

Aomi finds the most joy in learning and continues his learning at University of Auckland after completing his study in Japan.

Taku Yamaguchi

Education Consultant
Student Learning Coach

Taku is an educational professional who has been teaching, consulting and coaching thousands of students and parents for 25 years across Japan and New Zealand.

Taku also advocates alternative education for new Japanese generations through seminar lectures and publications.
Lives in Auckland and is a father of two children.